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SHOWERS - LHC Aquatic Center

Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center

100 Park Ave. ~ 928-453-8686

Showers can be taken at the Aquatic Center

when the pool is open to the public.


Thursday 1/13 from 5am to 7:45am

Thursday 1/13 from 12:15pm to 2:00pm

Friday 1/14 from 5am to 7:45am

Friday 1/14 from 12:15pm to 2:00pm

Saturday (15th) & Sunday (16th) Pool is Closed.


The cost for showers is the cost of whatever program is happening at the time. Customers wishing to take showers should note that the showers are open and not private and customers are responsible for bringing their own toiletries and towels. As always, people are encouraged to call the Aquatic Center prior to coming to ensure dates, times, and prices.



Driving : 1.3 miles - 3 minutes

Walking* : 1.9 miles - 38 minutes

Cycling* : 1.9 miles - 10 minutes

*Pass under the London Bridge on Shoreline Trail to Rotary Park. Use pathway by baseball fields to the Aquatic Center.  

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