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BUSES BY THE BRIDGE aka LONDON BRIDGE BULLIS, is a NON-PROFIT organization dedicated not only to the appreciation of Vintage Volkswagen Buses, but also to our local community. As a NON-PROFIT we are driven to raise funds to support LOCAL children’s charities, schools, Lake Havasu High School (LHHS) Automotive program, Parks and recreation, Churches, Lake Havasu City Boy Scouts, LHHS Booster Club, United Way and many other many other programs designed to improve the lives and wellbeing of the next generations growing up in our community. Over the past 25 years, BUSES BY THE BRIDGE has grown to become a destination Bus campout and incredibly successful event within the VW community. Thousands of campers and spectators travel from across the globe to participate in BUSES BY THE BRIDGE. The success of this event has allowed us to donate over $30,000 every year to children’s programs, schools, charities and families in our local community. Groups such as the Boys Scouts of America & the LHHS Booster Club help us to make this event a success. Our raffle is a vary large part of our fundraising during the show. Raffle prize donations add incredible value to the raffle and create excitement, driving ticket sales and increasing our ability to support charities and children’s programs.100% of the profits from BUSES BY THE BRIDGE are donated back into the community through the above mentioned avenues.

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